(by order of intervention)


A former teacher, Claire was inspired by her contacts with students to set up 1toit2ages with her husband Regis in 2009. Regis, an economist, has been part for several years of Test-Achats, an association ensuring consumers’ protection. But it was through personal experience that Regis and Claire learned the benefits of intergenerational homesharing and its capacity to help elderly people stay longer in their homes with a greater quality of life. That is what prompted them to establish 1 Toit 2 Ages in Belgium. Since then Régis has been President of the association and is actively involved in its development with a group of highly motivated people all working for the growth of 1 Toit 2 Ages. Claire is the Director and has an efficient team of ten people developing the project which is now available in nine cities in Belgium. For the last few years, she has diversified her project by creating intergenerational buildings in partnership with public players. Régis joined the Homeshare International Board of Trustees after the Madrid Congress in 2018.

Cheryl Snider

Cheryl Snider has earned a degree in Education and certificates in Business Administration and Marketing. She has worked in local government, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies. She has been a homesharer. Cheryl managed a homeshare programme in Canada, developed an informal network and the HomeShare Canada website to help coordinate and disseminate information. Cheryl succeeded Rhian Bradley as HI Chair in 2018.

Céline Fremault

Céline Fremault, born on 26 December 1973 in Ixelles, is a Belgian politician from Brussels, member of the Christian Democratic party. A mother of four, she is particularly interested in the issue of gender equality. While a member of the Belgian Parliament, she also worked on the themes of housing and social affairs. She has been Minister of Brussels since 2013 and is currently in charge of Housing, Environment, Energy, Social Action and Disabled People portfolios. She is a licenced lawyer and a law partner. She teaches public law at the Cardijn Institute in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Ahmed Medhoune

Ahmed Medhoune holds a degree in political and administrative science from the ULB and is regent in French history. He has taught successively in secondary education (teaching for the deaf...), in social promotion teaching and at university - in Belgium and abroad (ULB, Saint-Louis, Ichec, Drew University-Madison, New Jersey,...). Ahmed Medhoune is currently Director of Community Services at ULB, and a member of his College of Directors. He is in charge of all services aimed at the community (social services, medical services, crèches, restaurants, housing, sports, cultural services, etc.). He is also Vice-President of the ULB Sports School and Managing Director of the ULB Engaged asbl in charge of ULB's philanthropic missions.

Malcolm Johnson

President of Homeshare International, he is a Visiting Professor of Gerontology and End of Life Care at the University of Bath. He has been Professor of Health and Social Policy at the University of Bristol (now Emeritus) since 1995. He was Professor and Dean of the School of Health and Social Welfare at the Open University. His research and academic interests include social aspects of health and illness, biographical studies, social policy analysis, death and dying and his major specialism, ageing and the lifespan. Of his twelve books and over 160 monographs, chapters and articles, more than half relate to ageing. He is a former Secretary of the British Society of Gerontology and Founding Editor of the international journal Ageing and Society.He is Director of the International Institute on Health and Ageing. His most recent books are: The Cambridge Handbook of Age and Ageing; God, Me and Being Very Old: Stories and Spirituality (2013) and Spiritual Dimensions of Ageing (December 2016).

Alfonso Fajardo Barreras

With a degree in Law and a Masters in Evaluation of Public Programs and Policies from the Complutense University of Madrid, he´s the Executive Director of Solidarios since June 2013. He has devoted more than 20 years of his professional life to the management of non-profit organisations working in the social field and as an independent consultant, carrying out assessments of social action and international development cooperation programs. Solidarios is a not-for-profit founded in 1987 which objectives are to encourage volunteering and to raise awareness on issues related to social exclusion with different groups. The organisation relies on more than 700 volunteers working on its programs each year. One of its most significant achievements is CONVIVE, a homeshare program that matches elderly people and students in Madrid since 1995. It is the first homeshare program in Madrid in terms of number of matches, managing around 150 matches per year. Since 2018, the program is spreading to other four cities around Madrid.

Sibylle de Malet

Sibylle de Malet lived in a shared apartment with formerly homeless people within the Lazare association. Graduated with a Master's degree in humanitarian and social project management, she participated in the development of Lazare in France in Lille, before being commissioned to develop the project in new countries. She has opened Lazare in Spain and Belgium, and is working on other opening projects, notably in Switzerland and Mexico.

Violaine Leyder

Violaine Leyder works for the French national obligatory pension scheme : Cnav. After a first experience in a start-up publishing ebooks and 2 years in Japan, she joined the French social security in 2003. She worked in Press relations and International public relations. She is now coordinator of the regional correspondents network for international issues. She is also project manager of a web platform connecting Erasmus + beneficiary and retired European citizens for intergenerational cohabitation : www.toitplusmoi.eu. This platform, initiated by Cnav, is supported by many partners in France and in Europe. Its aim : simplify and accompany international and intergenerational homesharing, in Europe.

Noelle Marcus

Noelle Marcus is the Co-founder and CEO of Nesterly, an award-winning platform for intergenerational homesharing. Her career has focused on building equitable cities through civic technology, entrepreneurship, public policy, and economic development. Over the past decade she has worked within and for cities around the world including Athens, Bogota, Boston, Detroit, Kampala, Kansas City, Oakland, Mexico City and New York. She is graduate of MIT’s Masters in Urban Planning program and received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Barnard College.

Marlene Welzl

Marlene has been a trustee of Homeshare International since September 2017. Her «day job» is working for the Austrian Foreign Ministry, preparing speeches and background papers for officials and the minister. Together with Manuel Schuler and Lukas Heckeshe has set up the first homeshare programme in Vienna called «WGE!-Gemeinsam Wohnen». In addition to supporting conventional homeshare matches, the programme also places students in care homes.

Manuel Shuler

Manuel Schuler is founder of WGE!-Gemeinsam Wohnen. Via their platform they match elderly people and retirement homes with younger people seeking a place to live. He is an expert on public management and has several years’ experience in digital platform building.

Kuee Sook Suh

Kuee Sook Suh is a professor at the Soongsil University of Seoul, South Korea. Suh studied the theory of Architecture and Living Space at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan. She currently teaches interior design and undertakes research into the layout of domestic houses and how space is best used within homes. Suh joined the Seoul Homeshare project as Research Director in 2015. The project has been supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea, and the National Research Foundation of Korea. Currently, Suh is undertaking a review of the impact of homesharing on individual participants' lives. She is interviewing older householders and younger homesharers, with the survey focusing on their everyday interaction and use of shared domestic space. Suh is also working on the development of a guide to homesharing for the use of other programmes in Korea. This guide 'Homesharing: intergenerational living between older people and the young' may also be used to present a new social welfare model for Government policy relating to older people living alone.

KUBOTA Hiroyukki

He is Professor of Nihon University TOKYO. Specially implicated in majoring Family Sociology including shared households.

Kayouzo Sonoraha

Our Homeshare business, NPO, was started 8 years ago. Our focus is on the relationship between wellbeing and architecture. We believe that the design and construction of housing can directly influence the welfare of residents. Homesharing enables older people to remain in their own homes for longer, by providing practical support and also companionship. The team at NPO is committed to spreading the word about the practicalities and benefits of homesharing to as many people as possible across Japan.

Jean-Renaud d’Elissagaray

Jean-Renaud d’Elissagaray is Founder and Managing Director of “Accordé” (FR). Graduated from Yale University (USA) and MBA / MPPM, Jean-Renaud founded the association “Accordés, better with 2 generations”. Its goal is to connect elderly people living alone and students looking for housing, who are close to employees of companies. By accompanying family caregivers, he wants to contribute to a better quality of life at work and thereby improve the social climate and the performance of companies. It contributes to the CSR policy of companies. Jean-Renaud accompanied Nicole Notat ( french entreprener )in the creation of Vigeo, the first European agency to evaluate the social and environmental performance of companies. Then he created the consulting firm Bien @ work, an expert company in occupational health prevention and psychosocial risk management. This experience led him to found Responsage, the first service platform in France that informs, accompanies and advises family caregivers facing the constraints of loss of autonomy and dependency of an elderly relative. Previously he co-founded Fidecom, the first multi-partner loyalty marketing program: Points Ciel (since known as S'miles). Jean-Renaud contributed to the development of Banco Contigo, one of the first microcredit banks in Chile in the 1990s. He participated in the launch of ASHOKA (social entrepreneurship) in France. Jean-Renaud has invested in the associative project AFIRMM which fights against orphan and inflammatory diseases and was Secretary General of the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok.

Anne Sophie Parent

Since 2002 Anne-Sophie Parent is Secretary General of AGE Platform Europe, a network of 120 organisations representing 40 million seniors across Europe, in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and participatory status to the Council of Europe. AGE aims to promote the rights of older people at EU and UN level, and voice the interests of the 190 million inhabitants aged 50+ living in the European Union. Ms. Parent represents AGE in the European Commission High Level Group on Pensions and chairs the Financial Services Users’ Group set up by the European Commission. She sits in the Euro Retail Payment Board set up by the European Central Bank in which she is leading an informal group on accessibility of retail payments. She has recently been nominated chair of the Advisory Board of Assisted Ambient Living Joint Programme. She is also member of the Expert Group of the EU- UNECE Active Ageing Index project, and of the Advisory Board of the New Pact for Europe. In 2016, Mrs. Parent was elected Secretary General of the newly established European Covenant on Demographic Change, a large network bringing together subnational public authorities, non-for-profit and profit actors who wish to join forces to promote age-friendly environments to support active and healthy ageing in close cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Damien Vanneste

Damien Vanneste is Lecturer at the Catholic University of Lille (France). He works in the research team HaDéPaS (specialized in participatory researches about disability and aging). He develops particularly studies about the links between aging, housing and territories. He teaches also at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium).

Odile Dayet

Odile Dayet is Director of Communication and Research at “Les Petits Riens”. A sociologist and economist by training, Odile began her professional life at Les Petits Riens 8 years ago. She was first in charge of the association's main shop on rue Americaine. After involvement within English charity and voluntary shops, she became director of communication and research at the PR for nearly 4 years. In this role, she coordinates the work of the Chair on Social Impact. For 80 years, Les Petits Riens has been collecting, sorting, repairing and selling donated items. These activities allow for the financing and the support of 1500 people in precarious situations each year, by providing a roof over their heads, a job and support with everyday challenges.

Lukas Hecke

Lukas Hecke is founder of WGE!-Gemeinsam Wohnen. Via their platform they match elderly people and retirement homes with younger people seeking a place to live. Working in the public and private sector, he became an experienced business and project developer.

Beris Campbell

Beris Campbell, OAM - HANZA Director and Trustee Homeshare International. Founder of the successful Homeshare programme in Melbourne in 2000, social worker Beris Campbell now works with Homeshare Australia the peak body for HANZA Inc (Homeshare Australia & New Zealand Alliance) promoting and developing Homeshare programmes throughout Australia and New Zealand. Over many years she has worked with community organizations involved social housing and aged care. She has also worked in a counseling role with Australian and international students on exchange programs. She is passionate about Homeshare as it combines her aged care concerns with her housing interests. A trustee of Homeshare International since 2009, Beris has contributed to Homeshare at the international level through her participation in all five of the World Homeshare Congresses and in conferences of the USA’s National Shared Housing Resource Center. Networking internationally is one of her great interests and has been of enormous value for the development of Homeshare in Australia. Beris was awarded the OAM (Order of Australia Medal) in 2011 for her contribution to homeshare development.

Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth Mills has been a Trustee of Homeshare International since 2004 and succeeded founder Nan Maitland as Honorary Director in 2007 since when she has overseen the development of the charity including all the World Homeshare Congresses, the introduction of the Homeshare International Network, conversion from a trust into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and the recruitment of the charity's trustees and advisers from across the world. Her professional background was in the not-for-profit sector, running the medical research charity Research into Ageing until 2002, and then offering consultancy services to a range of charities. She is also a trustee of the Creative Dementia Arts Network. She is now retraining as a genealogist. She was awarded the OBE by HM the Queen in 2002 for services to older people, and subsequently she achieved two honorary doctorates from the universities of Brighton and Aston.


Since 2015, Deborah has been leading the Shared Lives Plus Homeshare Team to both further develop and expand Homeshare across the United Kingdom (UK). A key part of her role is to support the rapidly growing UK network through the development of new resources, good practice guidelines and a quality assurance scheme in conjunction with helping to raise the profile, build a robust evidence base and support the development of a thriving, safe, effective and sustainable Homeshare UK sector. She has worked in senior Development and Management roles in the Voluntary Sector for the past 20 years and has experience of leading on the delivery of UK and European multiagency projects.

Nicole Krauße

In 2002, Nicole founded the Homeshare program in Freiburg on behalf of the student services (Homeshare/Wohnen für Hilfe program) Under her guidance, the program rapidly developed and established itself in the university town, and continues to be run successfully to this day. In recent years, Homeshare programs have widely spread all over Germany and new locations are frequently popping up. Meanwhile, a well-working nationwide network has developed, with active interaction and exchange, annual meetings and a nationwide joint homepage with currently 34 towns involved, all of which provide Homeshare programs.


Kirby has been the Executive Director of HomeShare Vermont for 17 years. In that role she greatly expanded the program, built a strong staff and board, and transitioned the program to a stand-alone agency with very solid finances. Kirby is the Board President for the US homesharing network called the National Shared Housing Resource Center (NSHRC) which has recently been reorganized under her leadership. Kirby is also on the Board of Trustees for HomeShare International. She has a BA from the University of Vermont

Pascale Thys

Pascale Thys, is an economist, coordinator and project manager for more than 25 years at Habitat et Participation. In addition to her interest in grouped, solidarity-based and participatory housing, she carries out missions related to the right to housing within the framework of European projects and partnerships.